I am living through it!

I began writing poems and short stories when I was in grade school. For many years, I rarely shared her work.  Those especially close to me, knew that I loved to write and that I wanted to be a published author, however, I seldomly shared my writing beyond those in my inner circles.

That all changed in 2013.

Between May 26th and September 1st of 2013, I lost my father, my job, and husband; writing became therapeutic. I began to share my writing on social media. I was humbled by how my transparent and honest posts about my grief, pain, loss, and love comforted and encouraged others.  Back then, people often commented on my strength. I was not shy in responding, that it wasn’t me. It was God. He had saved me for such a time as this. I used to say that if it were up to me and my flesh, the way I handled my late husband’s death- the main event of 2013 that could have destroyed me–let’s just say my life would be drastically different now.

It was very clear to me in 2013, that if I turned to alcohol, drugs, sex or even vengeance, that I could be destroyed. And I wanted to and needed to live. I needed to live through my grief. It was too painful to get over. Darkness and depression were too heavy to hide under. This all prompted me to start this blog, “I am Living Through It, and You Can Too.” There is no cure for grief, we must live through it.

Since 2013, and occasionally before then, I have recited poetry at local faith-based events in the Delaware Valley area, including Ignite! Women’s Empowerment Summit, hosted by Rev. Niki Brown: http://www.ignitesummit.org/.

Among other things, I have also shared my grief journey on an innovative podcast, “Doing Life With God,” hosted by April Robinson: @doinglifewithgodpodcast on social media.

It is my hope that my poems, stories and writings on this page and the book(s) I’ve written will be helpful to those going through loss or any major/minor thing in life that they feel they cannot get through. You can get through it!

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